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Sobre May - About May

October 17, 2023 Spanish and Go Episode 185
Learn Spanish and Go
Sobre May - About May
Show Notes

In this insightful episode, we take a deep dive into May's life, her changing views on the beach versus the mountains, her love for city life, and her favorite foods and drinks. May also shares her thoughts on music, movies, and the profound influence of Mexican culture on her worldview. Don't miss her valuable advice for Spanish learners and the joys of being a digital nomad. Tune in to be inspired and entertained.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow May's journey through a range of professions, from teaching English to covering for university professors, and learn how diverse experiences can enrich your career.
  • Explore May's teenage years, marked by unique challenges, to understand the power of resilience in navigating the complexities of youth.
  • Be inspired by May's vision to create community-centric projects that add value to people's lives, and discover how you can make a positive impact in your own community.

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